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24/7 maintenance

We work around the clock in order to fix any issues that may arise, whether it be in-game or on the website.


Many epic events are hosted online Termina such as Wartime which takes place once a week on Friday (8 PM EST), survival games, drop parties, and much more fun coming soon!


Keep in touch with the community through in-game messaging, chat channels, and our Discord! Check out our forums and read / chat LIVE on the server!


Earn your way to the top with mcMMO. Rank up in all your skills and compete with others. Check /mctop to see who's in the lead.

DDoS Protected

Our servers feature the most advanced DDoS mitigation available, so you can play with confidence.

Donation Perks

Purchase ranks in our Donation Store to receive perks, extras, and bonuses like the ability to fly! Ranks are available for viewing at the Donate tab on the top of the page.

A truly unforgettable Towny adventure.

Create a town and unite as a nation, join up with friends to protect your town during Wartime and raid others! Together, you can become a powerful empire to dominate!

Check out the featured towns available to join on Termina.
Created by you - the players!

Nexus (now Erebor)

Originally founded by QueenieTigeress, Nexus merged with Erebor (founded by AlastorMacKenzie) to create one of Termina's most classic towns. Open to the public; check it out with /t spawn Erebor

Violet Village

Founded by deezznuts__ as Boron, Violet Village is now owned by JeSuisWhimsy! It is one of Termina's latest towns, and the newest member to the nation of Durins Tree. The only rule: Be nice!


Founded by Volant_Par as SevenDeadlySins, Gondor has proven to be one of Termina's most respectable and active towns. Open to the public; check it out with /t spawn Gondor